16 Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery

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This is a post workout meals recipe

Gaining lean muscle and staying in great shape while following a plant-based diet can be simple, easy and sustainable.  

This collection of  “Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Post-Workout Muscle Recovery” is a great guide for anyone wanting to gain lean muscle, enhance athletic performance and recover faster while eating a cruelty-free wholesome diet. And just because these recipes are nourishing and healthy, doesn’t mean that they lack taste and flavour. On the contrary! 

We have picked 16 delicious recipes and divided them into four sections–breakfasts, lunches, dinners,  and power smoothies — each designed to refuel your body after a workout and help you reach your health and performance goals. Intense workouts with smart home gyms can help you get strong and lose weight.

Let’s get cooking!

Post-Workout Breakfast Recipes

Quinoa Blueberry Scones


Sweet Potato Toast

Sweet Potato Toast assembly by active vegetarian

Cinnamon Overnight Oats

Apple Cinnamon Vegan Overnight Oatmeal Recipe

Healthy Crockpot Scramble

Healthy Crockpot Breakfast Scramble by Active Vegetarian PREP #vegan 2

Post-Workout Lunch Recipes

Plant Protein Pasta Salad

Plant-Protein-Pasta-Salad-Bowl2by active vegetarian

Lettuce Tacos With Quinoa

Curry Quinoa Lettuce Wraps By Active Vegetarian #raw #vegan #plantbased 3

Wild Rice & Hummus Wrap


Quinoa Sushi Sandwich


Post-Workout Dinner Recipes

High Protein Burger

Healthy Plant Based Burger - high in protein by active vegetarian3

Goji & Wild Rice Bowl


Vegan Thai Curry

Vegan Thai Curry In A Hurry

Ayurvedic Kitchari

Easy Vegan Ayurvedic Kitchari

Post-Workout Smoothies

Active Recovery Smoothie

Active Recovery Smoothie by Active Vegetarian #Vegan #smoothie #recovery 3

Arugula Hempseed Shake


PlantPowered Muscle Mylk


Hulk Smoothie Bowl


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