12 Easy Plant-Based Recipes For Beginners

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Easy Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners
Ok, you know that eating plant-based is good for your health and for the environment, but now the question is  – HOW? 
How can you create healthy, nutritious meals that also taste good and don’t require top chef skills? 
Over the past 14 years of running this blog, we have put a lot of effort to make plant-based living simple, sustainable and attainable for for everyone. 
One of our passions we love sharing with others is creating (and photographing πŸ˜‰ healthy, nourishing meals that are  free from animal products, full of flavor and are easy to prepare. 

12 Healthy Plant-Based Recipes for Beginners and Busy People

We think it’s the best collection of easy nourishing recipes on the web. Enjoy! 

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