14 Vegan Recipes For Natural Weight Loss

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A vegan diet is becoming popular these days and rightfully so. Elimination of animal protein and chemically-laden foods has the potential to shed excess weight and dramatically improve your overall wellbeing. BUT… only if done right! Eating processed vegan food is NOT the answer! Go to https://www.tinkerpopbook.com/ and read some tips for a successful weight loss program. Vibrant health and optimum body weight is impossible if you’re eating processed food. If you are interested in living a healthy and sustainable plant-based lifestyle please understand this…

Personally, I had to learn the truth the hard way (most of us have to do just that!) I am never satisfied with anybody’s experiments or recommendation until I have tried them myself and proven it to my satisfaction. Then I know I am right. 

Everyone wants to be at a weight they feel comfortable and confident in, but not everyone wants to do the work that goes into achieving it. It saddens me to talk to people who desire change but all they are doing is wishful thinking and half-a** attempts at “dieting”.

If your diet consists of exclusively fresh organic fruits and vegetables in the form of juices, smoothies, salads and whole organic home-prepared meals, you will lose weight!

On the other hand, processed food in bags, boxes, and cans as well as cooked food made from conventionally sprayed produce contain toxins that act as endocrine and hormone disrupters and inhibit enzyme activity making your body and mind sluggish and tired.

Whole food plant-based foods will give you real-life force energy, help you lose weight, keep it off and eliminate sagging skin, cellulite and skin issues. (exercise, yoga, fasting and regular visits with nature accelerate the process).

This does not happen overnight. You must stick with it and make it a lifestyle.

I urge you to consider the power of a natural whole food diet. If you do so, you will find your body will become your own teacher and you will prove that a whole-food plant-based plan will bring you the perfect and permanent results.

To help you on your weight loss journey and to support a healthy body weight we have put together a list of our favourite go-to recipes. We hope you enjoy them!

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