Green Juice To Help Prevent and Manage Diabetes

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A Green Juice recipe can help you manage and prevent diabetes

There is no reason that diabetes should stop anyone from enjoying and benefiting from juicing, but it’s crucial to choose the right ingredients. Today we are sharing with you a recipe for a green juice that is a great choice for those wanting to prevent and manage diabetes. This green juice contains dandelion leaves, celery, and green apple, which are known for anti-inflammatory and blood pressure-lowering benefits. We hope you enjoy it!

Diabetes Quick Facts

Diabetics often shy away from fresh juices as they fear that they are too high in sugar and because of their non-healing wound that is just too bothersome. However, there are many amazing fruits, veggies and herbs that are hugely beneficial for managing diabetes. With the right approach juicing can be part of a diabetic’s daily routine, and help increase energy levels and even minimize symptoms associated with diabetes.

“Think about it: Heart disease and diabetes, which account for more deaths in the U.S. and worldwide than everything else combined, are completely preventable by making comprehensive lifestyle changes. Without drugs or surgery. “-Dean Ornish

The World Health Organization recently shared a shocking statistic: 347 million people worldwide have diabetes. That’s upsetting. And this number doesn’t even take into account the percent of the population that is prediabetic or doesn’t realize they have diabetes. Diabetes can have serious health complications including nerve, eye and kidney damage.

Types of Diabetes

As you might already know there are several types of diabetes: gestational, whereby a woman becomes diabetic during her pregnancy;

    1. Type 1 occurs both in children and adults due to an auto-immune disease destroying cells in the pancreas.
    2. Type 2 is the most common form, occurring in 90-95% of diabetic patients, including pediatric patients. Type 2 diabetes is related to insulin resistance, which means the pancreas is producing insulin but the body cells are no longer sensitive to it, so glucose levels in their blood stay high.

Good News

It’s important to understand that 93 percent of diabetes is caused by lifestyle choices – what we eat and how much we move plays a huge role in our health.  This means that most diabetics can manage and even prevent diabetic damage through diet and exercise. People with prediabetes can stop it dead in its tracks and never develop the disease at all. If you currently live with diabetes or if you have been diagnosed as prediabetic don’t lose hope! Trust that nothing about type 2 diabetes is inevitable and that there are steps you can take to help your body heal itself and remove the causes leading to the symptoms of diabetes (especially type II).

Tips to Manage Diabetes

  • Avoid eating animal proteins (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese and cow’s milk).
  • Avoid refined oils and fats (found in most restaurant foods and processed foods).
  • Use healthful fats and oils (cold-pressed coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil).
  • Don’t eat food that has been cooked in the microwave oven. 
  • Avoid processed frozen foods, canned products, and leftover foods. 
  • Avoid sugar and starchy foods such as pasta and potatoes.
  • Artificial sweeteners and products that contain them should be avoided at all costs!
  • Avoid all manufactured beverages and fruit juices.
  • Eat fruits whole, but separate from meals.
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine as well as other stimulants.
  • Include fresh, 100% raw green juices into your diet on a daily basis (recipe below) 
  • Move your body every day!

We get it, changing key lifestyle factors such as diet and physical activity may not be easy for everyone. But in the case of controlling blood sugar, you usually have a choice. Making the choice of drinking fresh green juice instead of soda or pop can make the difference between life and death. If you feel you cannot make that choice, or that you lack the discipline to implement those changes, please consider that becoming diabetic can make your life much more limited and complicated than following some simple suggestions. Green juice with the right ingredients can be a good start for those wanting to help increase energy levels and manage diabetes.

If you would like help with implementing healthy habits into your life then consider enrolling in the Plant-Based Solution Program – this is our 24-week step-by-step plan to help you live a healthy, fit and vibrant life.

This green juice recipe is a great choice for those wanting to help increase energy levels and manage diabetes

Juicing Recipes For Diabetics

A Green Juice recipe can help you manage and prevent diabetes
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Green Juice To Help Prevent and Manage Diabetes

There is no reason that diabetes should stop anyone from benefiting from juicing but it’s important to choose the right ingredients. This green juice contains dandelion leaves, an herb that has shown to have an anti-diabetic effect in type 2 patients. Also included in this juice is celery that is known for it’s anti-inflammatory and blood pressure lowering properties as well as green apples that contain malic acid which helps in bringing down your sugar level. We hope you enjoy it! 
Prep Time10 minutes
Course: Juice
Cuisine: raw, Vegan
Servings: 32 oz
Author: Active Vegetarian


  • juicer


  • 1 large handful of dandelion leaves
  • 10 celery sticks
  • 4 green apples
  • 1 lemon


  • Wash all ingredients well.
  • Peel the lemon and cut all produce to fit through your juicer.
  • Juice and enjoy right away.


  • Dandelion greens are quite bitter and peppery, and using a larger quantity of it will result in a “powerful” taste. We personally love it, but you might want to adjust the amount to accommodate your palette. 
  • Dandelion leaves –  watercress, spinach, kale )
  • Celery – cucumber
  • Lemon-lime, grapefruit
  • Apples – orange

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If you try this juice, let us know! Leave a comment, Pin it for later, and don’t forget to tag a photo #avrecipes on Instagram. Healing is an exciting adventure and more simple than we’ve been led to believe. Please share this with the people you love and care about. ❤

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