The Great Dairy Free Cheese Round Up

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I have a confession to make. For a large part of my life I was having a love affair with cheese. Not just any cheese, but real, wholesome European kinda cheese. I am blaming my parents for this addiction because growing up cheese formed an important staple of our daily diet. I mean the Czech kitchen finds some creative ways to use this addicting stuff. We spread it, melt it, fry it, make tasty sweet deserts with it…I think if there is a will, there is …CHEESE. Seriously though, cheese was the last and hardest  thing to let go of when transitioning to fully plant based lifestyle. 

Instead of giving up cheese altogether I got on a mission to discover the perfect vegan variations. I was never satisfied with the options offered in grocery stores. Yes they might be vegan, however many are heavily processed and using funky ingredients. A far as I am concern, that really defeats the whole idea of plant based eating.  

Fortunately there are some health loving people who share my bond with cheese. Today we are celebrating these talented bloggers by sharing ??? recipes for different types of non-dairy cheese. Thanks to them we can now live dairy-free and enjoy our old cheesy favorites πŸ˜‰


Basic Almond Cheese  from LANDS & FLAVORS


Feta Cheese…Goes Vegan!  from INCLUDING CAKE!
*nut free 

vegan feta

Vegan Cashew Bryndza  from Blue Raven

bryndza vegan
Vegan Swiss Cheese  from NOUVEAU RAW 



Dairy-Free Parmesan Cheese from  JANE’S HEALTHY KITCHEN 
*nut free

parmesan vegan

 Vegan β€˜Goat’ Cheese from SPABETTIE

vegan goat cheese

Simple Cultured Cashew Cream Cheese  from YUP…IT’S VEGAN 


Garlic and Sun-dried Tomato Cheese-ball from PEACE MEAL 


Low-Fat Vegan “Cheeze” Dip  from VEG ANNIE 
*nut free

vegan cheese sauce

Fondue: The Ultimate Cheese Sauce  from THE VEGAN MANIFESTO

fondue vegan

Vegan Cheezy Sauce from THE PLANT STRONG VEGAN 

cheezy sauce vegan


Wow… that’s a lot of “cheese” πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Did we miss your favorite recipe ? Please share the link with us in the comment section bellow. Thank you again to all bloggers for contribution, without you this awesome roundup wouldn’t be possible 

Dedicated to you well-being


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