No Where To Run Workout

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Planning a holiday?  Well you should never have an excuse why you couldn’t work out while you are away…
Zuzana and I are bringing you another workout where there is NO equipment required! So NO EXCUSES!

This workout is simple and all you need is preferably a hill, and some sort of ledge or bench to jump onto.

Here is the workout:

5 x Box Jumps
Hill Sprint (or straight sprint)
5 x Burpees

repeat entire thing 5-10 times.

You can challenge yourself by timing how long it takes you and try and beat it the following week 🙂

I have also included an article on the benefits of hill sprinting below.


Nik 🙂

Uphill Sprinting builds muscular endurance because your body has to work harder to drive up the hill. They target almost every muscle in the body especially your legs and hips (your largest and most powerful ones). The combination of strength, speed and stamina produces lactic acid which helps release the fat burning hormones such as HGH. Also since you are targeting your large muscles which demand more fuel, this causes the “after burn” effect, increasing your metabolism even after your workout is complete.
Not only are your legs under a lot of demand your cardiovascular system is working in overdrive. Working at a more intense level forces this, which makes your heart and lungs become stronger. Over time you will find you won’t lose your breath running up the stairs or to catch the bus.
If you suffer from an injury or find running hard on your joints, hill sprints are a great exercise. Due to its intensity the distance you actually travel is less than those who long distant run. With that said this illuminates the overuse or excessive impact on your joints (because your foot has a shorter distance before hitting the ground).
Although sprinting has many health benefits, because it is intense it should be done in moderation. If you are not a regular exerciser, you should walk or jog before incorporating hill sprints. Another suggestion would be doing sprints on a flat area until you are ready to tackle the hills.


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