5 x 5 Workout

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Happy Hump Day!

The workout today is called 5 x 5 simply because you will perform 5 different exercises one after another (which would be 1 circuit) and then repeat it 5 times!

The exercises and rep counts are as follows:

Jump Lunges x 20
Mountain Climbers x 100
Side Lateral Squat x 20
High Knees x 100
Squat Jacks x 20

The best part about this workout is it is quick, but will also kick your butt!!

Post your time below – not only can we see how you did, but it will challenge others to do better as well as track your time for the future!


2 responses to “5 x 5 Workout”

  1. 20 minutes and 33 seconds 🙂
    Now comes the challenge of trying to beat that time!

    Great workout; I haven’t been this sore in a while!

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