500 Rep Desert Warrior Workout

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Hi there!

Today’s workout was awesome!

Very intense, and little bit longer then our normal workout. It took us little over 27 minutes to complete. We challenge you to give it a try….I know you will love us for it later 🙂 

So what was this workout all about? It’s a full body time challenge. We did 10 different exercises and 50 reps for each of them. Because it is a time challenge try to be moving through the exercises without taking any long breaks.

Please watch the full video to get the idea for all 10 exercises.

Five Hundred  Rep Workout

  1. High Deficit Lunge – 25 reps on each leg
  2. Walking Push Ups – 50 reps
  3. Dynamic Squats – 50 reps
  4. Clockwork Leg Raises– 25 reps each direction
  5. Dynamic Triceps Dips – 50 reps
  6. Side to Side Burps –25 reps on each side
  7. Eagle Sit-Ups – 50 reps
  8. Pike Press – 50 reps total
  9. Single Leg Squat– 25 reps on each leg
  10. Flying Dogs– 50 reps total (counting every rep)


We hope that you will enjoy this workout as much as we did and that you will let us know how fast you completed it.

Our best,

Zuzana & Nikki.

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