5 Minute Challenge – Effective Low Impact Workout

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This Low-Impact  No Equipment Workout Will Make You Sweat!

 “Low impact” does not mean low intensity and we will prove it to you with this 5-minute workout challenge that will target your glutes and core as well test your strength, muscle endurance, balance, and coordination. 

This quick workout can be used by all different fitness levels – both beginners and elite level athletes can benefit from a routine like this one. The exercises we included will allow you to build up the kind of fitness that makes you capable and physically adaptable to all sort of situations life presents you with on daily basis, and that’s why training is essential.

And now the workout…

Fitness Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced 

Focus: Posterior Chain, Core 

Equipment: No equipment/bodyweight

Length: 9:00 minutes 

Workout Summary: 

Complete 3 rounds of the following: 

  • Lotus Squat x 30 sec
  • Single Leg Elbow to Knee Right x 30 sec
  • Single Leg Elbow to Knee Left x 30 sec
  • Cat Hold + Side Leg Kick x 30 sec (alternate side)
  • Hollow Hold x 30 sec We hope you give this 5-minute challenge a try.  It’s specifically designed to help those who spend a lot of time sitting feel better, as well as anyone who is recovering from injury as there is no jumping required. 
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