5 Minute Challenge – Ease Low Back Pain

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We say it a lot but sitting really does cause havoc on the body. When we sit for long periods of time it can cause tightness in the hamstrings, shoulders, and hip flexors, as well as a weaken our core (abdominals, lower back, and glutes).

The Psoas (our deepest hip flexor) is directly connected to our lumbar spine. Therefore when our hip flexors get tight, they start to pull uncomfortably at the lower spine, creating that stiff and achey feeling in the low back and possibly hip.

Luckily, we can help relieve some of this tightness by regularly stretching. I hope these movements prescribed by our friends at Back and Body New Jersey cultivate more openness in your body. 

Fitness Level: Beginners, All Levels

Focus: lower back mobility

Equipment: No equipment/bodyweight

Length: 5:00 minutes 

Workout Summary

  • knee hug (rock/circles)
  • unilateral knee hug
  • 90* side to side rotation
  • front to back roll (massage spine)
  • bridge
  • spinal twist

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