Green Chocolate Cookies

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Green?  I called these cookies “green chocolate” because the main part of the cookie is made from avocado. Most people shy away from avocados, associating them with “fat”.  However you need to understand that it is a “good” fat!  The fat in avocados actually helps your body better absorb the nutrients in the other foods…

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#15: Holiday Survival Guide and Perfect Butt Workout

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[Audio clip: view full post to listen] In this episode, Zuzana and Nik talk about enjoying the holiday season while still sticking to your healthy lifestyle. Also you will learn the importance of training your glutes – stay tuned for a short workout video for a strong sexy booty 🙂   Download the Episode Here! (15min…

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#14: How To Make Cooking Easy

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[Audio clip: view full post to listen] In this episode of Active Vegetarian we discuss 5 essential tools every vegan/vegetarian kitchen should have. We put together a list of kitchen essentials we personally use on daily basis to help you create healthy and nutritious meals without wasting your money and kitchen counter space. Download the…

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Baked Apple Crisp With a Twist

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This is an easy dessert that is a favorite for all ages. Although this could easily be classified as comfort food, this version of apple crisp is light and healthy and can be enjoyed without guilt 😉 Serve warm, topped with  vegan ice cream, for the ultimate flavor combination. This will test your thirty-minute capacity as it depends…

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