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One of the questions we are asked about all the time is how to make “easy” veggie meals. Well, here’s the good news …it’s just as easy to make delicious healthy vegetarian meals as it is any other kind of food.

Here are some of our favorite breakfast options:

  • Delicious Oatmeal – click here for recipe
  • Morning Power Smoothie
  • Lazy Man’s Breakfast – Ezekial English Muffin with Almond Butter and Banana

Some quick and easy lunch options:

  • Salad with Beans
  • Hot Home Made Soup – click here for recipe
  • Pita with Hummus and Vegetables

And finally some easy dinner ideas:

  • Tofu and Veggie Stir Fry
  • Home Made Chickpea Burger – click here for recipe
  • Brown Rice Pasta with Edamames

Don’t forget the snacks:

  • Fresh Cut Veggies with Cashew Spinach Dip – click here for recipe
  • Home Made Bars or Muffins
  • Dry Fruit, Nuts, and Seeds

All of these options are quick and easy – and packed full of nutrients. Give them a try, I’m sure you’ll love them.

After we recorded the podcast I got thinking …putting together a proper vegetarian diet is like when we opened our martial arts school.

At first, we really struggled. There were so many books out there about how to succeed in business …but most of them just gave us general ideas without much direction on how to really implement them. So we kept trying to implement ideas we learned about, but struggled to put them all together.

What we really needed was a step-by-step blueprint on how to really run a business. We looked into working with a consultant, but we were discouraged by a lot of our peers. We were told that it wouldn’t help much – that is was a scam – but out of desperation we decided to find some help.

After a great recommendation from one of our successful friends in our industry, we decided to work with a coaching group. He recommended this particular group because they provided a do-this-do-that plan for what we should be doing every day in our business.

We knew that we wanted to work, but we just weren’t sure what to be working on …and in what order.

After just a few short months everything turned around. The investment we made in the coaching more than paid for itself. Days became more exciting as we knew that we were going to progress – not only that, the stress went away and things became FUN!!

Funny thing is, the people who told us that a blueprint like this wouldn’t work started calling us and asking for advice.

It really was one of the best investments that we’ve ever made …and I know for a fact that we wouldn’t be as successful as we’ve been. Life would look a lot different.

Here is a great program that provides a complete set of meal plans. If you think that might be helpful click here to check it out. It’s worked for a lot of people we know, and I think it will help you too.

If that’s not for you …I know that you’ll love the recipes that we posted above.

Please let us know how you like them.

Stay fit,


P.S. If you’re looking for an easy meal-by-meal guide check out this resource right away!

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7 responses to “Easy Meals”

  1. Hello, I just want to say that I love your website and podcast. I do have one question. I have noticed that many vegetarians & vegans tend to steer clear of peanut butter but not other nut butters. Why is this? Why would a natural peanut butter with few (if any) additional ingredients be less desirable than say, almond or cashew butter?
    Thanks for the great bits of information,
    Ashanti in Austin, TX

    • Hello Ashanti,
      That’s a very good question. If you enjoy peanut butter make sure to always go with the organic, natural version.
      Here are few reasons why many plant based eaters avoid or limit PB consumption:
      Many studies suggest that prolonged consumption of peanut butter can cause liver cancer. Peanuts are home to a carcinogenic fungus called aspergillus flavus that is known to release aflatoxin B1 that can cause cancer in the long run.
      With that said your next best option would be – almond butter. Not only is almond butter better tasting than peanut butter, it is also scientifically a healthier option. Aflatoxin does not grow on almonds, which makes it a safer bet than peanuts. What’s more, almonds are rich in protein and contains higher levels of unsaturated fats than peanuts making them a clear winner in this case.
      If you are looking for more nutrients, then almond butter is the better choice. Almond butter has significantly higher daily percentages of iron, calcium, and vitamin E than peanut butter.
      One last thing… peanut oil has been shown to cause or worsen inflammation in the body, so if you are prone to any type of inflammation stay clear of PB.
      Hope this helps.
      Thanks for reading and listening and Merry Christmas.

  2. Thank you Zuzana,
    I tend to seek out information about food quite a bit and that was definitely some information I’ve never come across. Very interesting. I appreciate your help.

  3. Hey there! I tried my own version of your recipe for the power smoothie and it’s fantastic! This is the first time I put lettuce in my smoothie; it’s such a great way to sneak in those veggie servings! I love that I had it almost 3 or 4 hours ago and it’s left me completely satisfied. Thanks so much for all the helpful info on your site and your podcasts! Keep up the great work!

    • Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad that you had “smoothie success”. I couldn’t imagine living without my smoothies now.



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