Don’t Stop Believing…

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Do you remember the days of being a kid? Spending the day outdoors, running around, laughing, playing hide and go seek? The whole day was basically play time. Time didn’t matter. You were fully present in all those moments, no matter what you were doing. You were free from society’s expectations. You were not lost in the past or worried about the future. You were deeply immersed in the now.
Pablo Picasso said:
All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
It just breaks my heart to see people who could achieve great health and well-being, be ultra-fit, experience true freedom and live lives they adore stay stuck in the chains of unhealthy daily habits, unnecessary stress and pressures and comfort of their own fear.  
This video is a great reminder of how to discover our inner fire again and start living the life we deserve…
The lesson for us: don’t stop believing.
Let go of the fear and get out of the “box”. You have it in you to display originality. You have the capacity to perform the extraordinary. Sending you a ton of best wishes…
With love and gratitude, 

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