Dare to be free?

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Beauty in the mountains,
beauty in the sky,
the teachings of such, 
are here where they lie.

If you listen closely, 
you can hear it clear,
within their silence, 
freedom is near.

Come back to this place, 
to quiet the mind,
over and over until,
silence you find.

Obviously I want you to interpret this poem however you wish. I think it is important to listen to what you took from this – it probably told you just what you maybe needed to hear at that time. Or maybe it was nothing… maybe it is just a reminder or simple “food for thought” :). 

Whatever the case may be… I will briefly explain my definition of it. So I remember exactly when and where I wrote this poem. It was last May in Rishikesh, India when Zuzana and I ventured there for a 4 week yoga training course and deeper connection with ourselves. It was early morning before practice and I was sitting on the terrace looking out at the foothills of the Himalayas… and well this is what I heard I guess you could say. 😛

I think often if we sit alone with ourselves, especially if it can be in nature we can learn so much from not only our surroundings but from within. That is I guess what I am trying to express here – is to be open and listen to what is around you whether it be nature or even people. The reflection of all of it can teach us so much about ourselves. Like I have mentioned in previous posts sometimes our judgement of others is simply a shortcoming of our own that needs to be recognized. Not only can we view the weaker links of ourself, we can also see the beauty reflected as well. I think it is important to be able to recognize both. 

With that said allowing this time and space alone with your thoughts – you have no influence or judgement from others or yourself that you may be creating and unaware of. You are just “here and now” completely open to see and reconnect with your TRUE self. The self we often forget about, put aside for others or distract ourselves from connecting with. I think once you can be comfortable with the purity of “I” than you are unlimited with possibilities. 

Be Yourself… See Yourself… Love Yourself.


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