#56: Dolores Luber: A 78-Year Old Shares Her Take On Healthy Aging and Living a Fulfilling Life

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On todays episode we are joined by a special guest Dolores Luber. Dolores has been a long time client of ours and over the years of working with her, she’s provided us with many valuable lessons. At the age of 78 Dolores lives a very active and vibrant life. She keeps challenging herself physically and mentally on very regular basis and we honestly believe that, she is an amazing example for anyone who is inspiring to live a long and healthy life. As we talk today, Dolores shares her own personal health and fitness journey. She credits her decision to make exercise a regular habit for her impressive physical fitness today, and she offers practical tips on how to do the same.  Her determination and growth is an inspirational story of what you can achieve with the right attitude, consistency and the drive to succeed.

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A little Bit About Dolores Luber:

  • She is a retired psychotherapist and psychology teacher.
  • She has earned a BA in French Literature, a Master’s of Science in Counselling; and has done extensive studies in the History and Philosophy of Religion and Judaic Studies.
  • At the age of 78 she still continues to take classes in Modern Hebrew several times a week.
  • She loves to challenge herself both mentally and physically on daily basis

In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • How To Look Younger For Longer
  • Ways To Slow Down The Ageing Process
  • Could Exercise Help You Stay Young?
  • Dolores’s Anti-Aging Exercise Routine
  • How To Gather the Courage To Exercise: First Steps Count
  • How to Build Healthy Bones (And Keep Them Strong)
  • Tips for staying motivated

Mentioned in This Episode: 

Body composition scans – BodyComp Imagining 
Fitness Trainers: Martina Yabekova, Laina , Marisa Moody, Nikki & Zuzana 

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