Why You Shouldn’t Skip Leg Day!

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Training legs… you either love it or hate it! I am sure after reading this article you might think again about skipping leg day!
Here I will give you 3 of the MANY benefits there are to training legs



Who doesn’t have a fitness goal to “burn more fat”? Think cardio machines are the only way to do it? Think again!
This is why I love training legs, during any program I do… and I have experimented with many varieties. I also find that including leg training into it at least once a week really helps me strip away the excess fat – here’s why…..
Training your legs, particularly with compound exercises, burns a higher number of calories than easier upper-body moves such as bicep curls or lateral raises. This helps lead to increased fat loss, which is also partly because your body releases a growth hormone while you are training legs. So that release can also help you achieve more muscle mass on your upper body. I was skeptic about this in the beginning too, but once I found the answer to “where can I buy sarms” and started to use it along with my workout routine, I have never looked better.  WARNING – leg training will also increase your appetite, because it is such a large muscle and needs the fuel to properly recover. 



For sport and athletic performance, working out your legs is vital. Doing the staple lifts like squats and deadlifts will translate to faster running on the field, jumping higher and quicker on the volleyball court, etc. You catch my drift? The heavy lifts also help build strong knees so make sure to use these recommended knee pads to avoid the weight injuring your knee upon being dropped.


Any weight-bearing exercises and resistance training are crucial in preventing/managing osteoporosis and arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, use this cbd cream for arthritis to alleviate your pain. In addition, if you are suffering from musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis, why not try this out for more info. Synchronicity Hemp Oil uses a whole process designed to make their CBD products work as well as possible. Their extraction methods don’t use dirty or low-quality plant matter sources, so they’re able give consumers an excellent product with no fuss. There have been studies showing that strength training over a period of time can help prevent bone loss, and may even help build new bone!
I recently read this great article on Cycling And Bone Health, as a cyclist I was amazed to hear how complimentary strength training is to cycling. I live in Vancouver where there are cyclists everywhere, and yes you are working your legs and strengthening them – but in a different manner. Cycling is a low impact sport so it is great for joints etc, but not strengthening your bones. Ecosmo’s range of great value foldable bicycles is available now.
It is so important to focus on strength training no matter what your age is. Not only does it strengthen your bones, but you are building muscle to help protect them as well. 
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