5 Minute Challenge – Cardio & Legs

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Hello Friends,

We get it, life can get hectic and sometimes fitting a 30 minute workout into your day can be a challenge, or even a complete no-go. We don’t want you to miss out on getting a movement in just because of time restraints though, so Nikki and I are introducing the 5 Minute Challenges into your fitness schedule. This way you can get a quick workout in even on those busy days. Squeeze this in once in the morning, and perhaps once  more in the evening, or if you have time, go through it 2-3 times in one shot. Whatever fits your schedule. 

Here we go…

Fitness Level: Beginners, All Levels

Focus: Cardio, Legs 

Equipment: No equipment/bodyweight

Length: 5:00 minutes 

Warm Up

Workout Summary

  • 10 Low Jacks 
  • 10 Squat Leg Lift – (10 per leg )
  • 10 Grass Hoppers 

Complete AMRAP (as-many-rounds-as-possible) – Focus on form!


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