Best Plant Based Recipes – Beginner’s Guide

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We curated 40 delicious, healthy plant based recipes for you.

This best plant based recipe round up was inspired by one of Michael Pollan’s food rules : “Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.”  Real food doesn’t have a long ingredient list, isn’t advertised on TV, and doesn’t contain stuff like maltodextrin or sodium tripolyphosphate. Real food is things that…

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Crazy Good Hummus Soup

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Whenever Nik and I share a cup of this warming soup we always comment on how much we enjoy it. I honestly don’t know what took me so long to share this recipe with you!?! If you like hummus you will love this soup! Also it’s fairly easy to make so even if you are…

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Our Top 10 Healthy Homemade Holiday Treats

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Christmas cookie baking has been a tradition in my family ever since I can remember. Our traditional Czech holiday baking includes lots of butter, eggs and icing sugar…not really the most plant based friendly or heart healthy ingredients. However that doesn’t stop me from keeping this holiday tradition alive! I love spending time in the kitchen,…

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Chewy Plantain Sesame Cookies (Gf, Vegan)

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Sesame seeds are a tiny but powerful nutritional powerhouses.  Sesame Seeds Health Benefits Include: prevent diabetes lower blood pressure prevent a wide variety of cancers build strong bones protect against radiation increase heart health help cure sleep disorders improve digestion reduce inflammation boost respiratory health strengthen your oral health aid in healthy growth improve circulation…

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Delicious Apple Butter – [no sugar added]

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When the garden gives you apples…you get your slowcooker out and make an apple butter 🙂  This delicious butter is nicely spiced with fresh ginger and slowly cooked for several hours until the apples just start to caramelize.  This absolutely natural, no sugar added spread can be used in so many different ways – on pancakes…

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Meals Every Kid Will Love “Plant-Powered Families” Review

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I’ve been pretty pumped up to get my hands on Dreena’s  Plant-Powered Families: Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole Foods Vegan Recipes book. Mostly because I wanted to know from someone who is raising three girls herself what it takes to get your young ones excited about healthy plant based eating habits.   In our world where we…

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APPLE GRANOLA WRAPS – When You’re Short on Time

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“I just don’t have the time to make those complicated meals.” Okay, I get it,  making a fresh, wholesome plant-based meal every breakfast, lunch and dinner sounds little overwhelming, especially if your life is already packed, you work long hours, you’ve got kids, fitting in regular workouts, etc. So today we are featuring a super quick and nutritious recipe…

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Light Lemon Pie (Vegan, GF)

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Looking for a summer recipe you can bring for family barbecue or picnic and don’t know what to bring? How about this wonderfully refreshing lemon pie? Just look at it? Doesn’t it look inviting?   This recipe is a contribution of Nóri from Ingenious Cooking. “​Nóri is a creative foodie, ex-PCOS patient, mom of a little baby…

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Beet, Pepper and Cashew Cream Tart (vegan, GF)

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Are you up for a challenge? I am not gonna lie. This dish is not one of the quick meals to make in a hurry. This one will take some time and effort. However at the end you will be rewarded with divine combination of flavors. Cashew cream, provides a delicious base for the vegetable topping.…

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