Our Top 10 Healthy Homemade Holiday Treats

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Christmas cookie baking has been a tradition in my family ever since I can remember. Our traditional Czech holiday baking includes lots of butter, eggs and icing sugar…not really the most plant based friendly or heart healthy ingredients. However that doesn’t stop me from keeping this holiday tradition alive! I love spending time in the kitchen, catching up with family and sharing some ideas for healthy holiday sweets.

Below are our this years Top 10 Healthy Holiday Treats we found around the web. Hope you get a chance to make some… or all of them yourself. πŸ˜‰ 

1.The Easiest Fruit Cake Vegan Fruit Cake Recipe with No Added Sugar

2. Raw Vegan Marzipan Delights

3.  Raw Vegan Twix Bars Raw-Vegan-Twix-Bars-with-Banana-Caramel-5

4. Dark Chocolate Pumpkin GingersnapsDark-Chocolate-Pumpkin-Gingersnaps-Vegan-2

5. Three Layer Shortbread 3LayerShortbread

6. The Best No-Bake Fudge Bars Ever!The Best (Vegan) No-Bake Fudge Bars Ever!

7. Fig Thumbprint Cookies FigThumbprintCookie2

8. Goji Berry Truffles 


9.  Coconut Date Balls

10. Healthy Rice Crispy Treats


Wishing all of you AV readers joy, happiness and love this holiday season!

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