5 Minute Challenge – Build a strong push-up

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Are you up for another fitness challenge?

Today we will be completing a 5-10 Minute Push-up workout depending on the types of push ups you make. And yes it will be very challenging. It involves several rounds of push-ups for time,  with short breaks in-between until the whole 5 minutes are finished. 

For most of you friends out there, it will probably take some time to build up to being able to complete the full challenge using a strict push-up form. Do what you can even go to knee push-ups if needed, or use chair/wall to elevate your hands and continue to build up your upper body strength and endurance until you can complete the five minutes straight.

Oh, and let us know when you do! Also, we have created a push-up tutorial video that might be quite helpful to watch before starting this week’s 5-minute challenge. 

Fitness Level: Beginners, All Levels

Focus: Upper body, Core, Strenght, Endurance 

Equipment: No equipment/bodyweight

Length: 5:00 minutes 

Before beginning this workout, start with a proper Warm Up

Workout Summary

30/20 second intervals –6 rounds

30 second work – complete as many push-ups as possible with proper form (aim for 8-10)

20 sec rest  -option to hold a plank (engaging your glutes, abs and quads and keeping your spine n a straight line from head to toe)

Complete 6 rounds. Focus on form!

Let’s go! 

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