#3: Fat Loss with Power Smoothies

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In this episode we reveal how to make “Power Smoothies” that are so packed full of plant based goodness that you wont even believe it. Plus …we teach you the proper way to warm up (most people do this wrong and end up hurting themselves).

And find out how you can get a FREE copy of our new program “Plant Based Fat Loss Secrets.”

Download the Episode Here! (21min – 4sec)

6 responses to “#3: Fat Loss with Power Smoothies”

  1. Hi to both of you! I am a new listener, and I am super happy that I found you! I find your podcast super informative and very accessible, as well as motivating. I am a vegan (3 years, vegetarian 9 yrs total) and have always had a tendency to overeat. My diet is excellent, I just eat too much of it. I exercise regularly, but not very “hard” (i run outside and do strength training with dumbells and my own body weight at home, usually watching TV). I almost always have 5 pounds extra I always wish i could drop, but I just don’t muster up the gusto to get to it.
    I am happy to have heard your fat loss secrets, I downloaded your exercise ideas, and I am going to hop to it. I had my first power smoothie this morning- it was pretty gross but I drank it anyways. I don’t have any soy powder right now, only hemp, and I have to say… i find hemp powder nasty (and on the topic of nasty- i also really dislike tempeh, if you get a good recipe, do share)!
    But I am going to get some Vega and I think i can break my breakfast cereal habit (I like it too much, so I always eat too much).

    thanks for the great podcast, keep ’em coming!

    p.s. I love your accent Zuzana:)

    Kara from Montreal

    • Kara!

      Thank you so much for your comment. It totally made our day 🙂 We are super-happy that you like the podcast …it genuinely means a lot to us.

      I too find hemp powder a little nasty to be honest. My absolute favorite is chocolate Vega (On the container there are a few smoothie recipes that are really good).

      We very much appreciate your encouragement,

      Joe and Zuzana

  2. Hi,
    I’ve just found your podcast too. I love it!! I plan
    to listen to them over and over and look forward
    to more.
    I’ve been a vegetarian for 5 years now but I fit
    Into the “starchy” category ……not always nut a lot
    of the time. I’m so happy to get nutritious
    ideas for meals. Thank you!
    I’m going out to look for chocolate Vega powder.
    The smoothy sounds awesome. I have had lots
    of smoothies but usually just almond milk, berries
    and bananas.
    Keep up the great work!!
    Lynda from Ontario, Canada

    • Lynda!

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m really glad you are find the podcast helpful. Adding some plant based protein to your smoothies is a great way to get in some extra protein. If you’d like a link to a great place to buy VEGA online, let me know. (It’s where we get ours).

      Thanks for listening!!!!


  3. […] Zuzana (15-year private trainer and vegetarian) &amp Joe (former martial arts champion and vegetarian) are the hosts of the podcast Active Vegetarian. Go here now to listen to an audio with much more details on how to create your own energy smoothie . […]

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