Podcast 002 – Happy Vegetarian Day :-)

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In this episode, we discuss the KEY to a successful plant based diet (You don’t want to miss this one)  and the importance of staying consistent with your workouts.

You’ll learn:

* What almost everybody does dead wrong when changing their diet….

* How to never miss another workout again.

* The power of creating healthy habits.

Download the Episode Here! (20min – 2sec)

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  1. […] Zuzana (15-year personal trainer and vegetarian) & Joe (former martial arts champion and vegetarian) are the hosts of the podcast Active Vegetarian. Go here now to listen to an audio with more information on how to create an active vegetarian lifestyle . […]

  2. hey guys! Long time no talk, but i’m really happy to see that you are starting a podcast. I listened to it tonight and really enjoyed it. I’ve tried being vegetarian a few times but found i had issues with my iron levels. I’ve always had low iron but it didn’t get any better being vegetarian. And also, it gets really expensive buying organic like that. Any advice?

    • Hey Alexandra! I am glad you enjoyed the podcast 🙂 As far as iron – meat is not the only place to get it from! Here are some great vegan sources of iron: chick peas, black beans, dark green leafy veggies like spinach and kale also broccoli and pumpkin seeds and whole grain oatmeal.As long as you have a big green salad with some beans and pumpkin seeds everyday you will be fine 😉
      We will discuss organic eating on a budget in a near future on our podcast. So stay tuned!

  3. Thanks for sharing some of your personal histories and reasons for making the switch to a plant-based diet. While it was not my specific motivator, I can sympathize with Zuzana: factory farming has always been an anger-inducing issue for me. The violent way we are treating these animals is upsetting for many social reasons, but it is also another symptom of the broken logic used in so many of the unsustainable practices of our contemporary society.

    Thanks for the tips, as always. I have also found that I get my best results when I make a schedule… and stick to it!

    I saw an interesting short talk on Ted about a month ago, about setting goals:

    It was a really interesting observation on goals and motivation. Since seeing this I have continued to set goals for myself, but I am only sharing my results 🙂

  4. Sensible first step in good habit formation. It would be interesting to hear how your journaling worked out: organization of ideas/classification system to refer back.

    In your mention of smoothes, please put the recipes on the site.

    Look forward to the future talk on goal setting.

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