#81: How To Break Free From Diets & Build A Healthy A Relationship With Food

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“If your relationship status with food is “it’s complicated” you’ve come to the right place.” – Cara Carin Cifelli

I had the honours of sitting down with Cara Carin Cifelli and we talked about how we can take a holistic approach to our wellbeing. All of us humans are gifted with “four bodies” the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. However, our society disproportionately focuses on the physical body – size, appearance, and what foods are good/bad for us.

In this episode, Cara breaks down what each body looks (feels) like and the ways we can recognize if we are out of balance, and if we are, how to we can realign ourselves.

This conversation leads us to “anti-diet” and talking about the relationship we can cultivate with food so it can nourish us rather than bombard us and makes us feel like prisoners. Through that conversation, Cara gets vulnerable and shares her personal experience with food and how she healed her relationship with it. Adding biofit to your diet can make you get to the body weight goal you have in mind.

I believe it can be a very relatable situation for many people and it’s reassuring to know there are safe spaces and people out there and willing to help others, if you want to find the best information for your health, you can go to sites as Rootine online to find a lot of nutrition information.

I hope you enjoy it!!

To learn more about Cara and her upcoming book check out her website: https://www.caraskitchen.net

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