#85 Blake Ward: The Healthiest Clothes on the Planet

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Blake Ward from Seed - podcast episode on sustainable fashion

“The Healthiest Clothes On The Planet!”


Zuz and I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Blake Ward – the founder of seed. Seed is known for it’s incredibly unique and versatile pant. Transforming the industry – by making the best clothing on the planet locally, naturally and ethically right next door to us in Alberta, Canada. 

You will not only learn about why Blake created his company and the importance of sourcing and producing clothes locally, but he also talks fast fashion – and how it is affecting humans and the planet and why we should be more conscious consumers. We hope you enjoy this one…

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • Our Clothing Choices, Our Environment, Our Health
  • The Fast Fashion Problem
  • Benefits of Hemp Clothing
  • The Journey of the Seed Store 

Where To Find Blake:


Talk about resources: 

Why the duck are we wearing plastic?
Hemp Clothing Benefits – A Sustainable Choice!
The Coronation by Charles Eisenstein
Light pollution map
The Plant-Powered Athlete

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