Why Do We Limit Ourselves?

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Sometimes I wonder why we willingly settle for less when we’re being offered more. Why do people not have drive and passion for more?

We often dream and say we want it… but are too afraid to take the action. Why because we feel it’s easier not to try or fail? When think about it – this is actually harder we are creating these repeated patterns that support our unhappiness.

We set these limits by creating expectations for ourselves. When we engage in expectation for anything… what happens? We cloud our real vision and don’t allow ourselves the ability to appreciate what’s right in front of us. Thus creating disappointment, by not approving if things don’t work out as planned.

When we can learn to let go of these expectations, it opens our eyes to opportunity. We begin to observe and let go of the need for external control, and the fear of not liking the outcome. We often don’t realize how our attempt to control ourselves externally starts to create internal limitations for us as well. We have to begin to accept and understand there is reasoning for why things happen the way they do.


Everything is a choice – by letting go of our expectations we align our true essence with life. We begin to understand we are all one and that there is a larger source guiding us. That we are all connected to this source but somehow have lost site of that. This disconnection happens when we allow ourselves to hold onto the stories our mind creates. Which in reality is only a distraction to what we truly need to be focusing on.

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our needs and wants, our fears, our beliefs of how we need to be within society and control our lives. Because it is supported – we are constantly being smothered with these ideas of how we “should” be, feel, think and act. When you can start to observe how society unknowingly operates like this it can become great learning material for yourself.

Okay so how do we emerge from this? Simple – through internal reflection. This is the only way to navigate yourself out. Take these lessons and experiences of becoming an observer and truly get to know yourself. Stop the judgment. Instead stop and reflect on yourself – ask “is this something I need to be changing or working on?” The power of observation can assist us so well in defeating this.

When we become more aware and observant to what we are limiting ourselves to we can get out of those sticking points. We can move beyond this suffering and discomfort. It’s crazy how collectively we have become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Why do we allow this!?

I think the lesson I am trying to portrait here is that we need to stop distracting ourselves and be comfortable (not with our uncomfortable state) but with our life and what happens. It’s a journey, isn’t the unknown, the spontaneity exciting?

Why do we want to control the story, know what the next scene is, or even fast-forward? Wouldn’t it be more thrilling to have a basic idea of the plot (which metaphorically are your goals) and sit back and watch what happens? Acknowledge that the twists, turns and speed bumps that may appear are only part of your story.

So what’s your story?


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