Tomorrow…you’re always a day away!

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Happy 12/12/12 everyone!!

Seeing as it is the last of the great repeating dates to occur in our lifetimes – unless you’re planning to live until Jan. 1, 2101, that is. 🙂 It inspired me to write this post….

The holiday season is here and I think it is one of the hardest times for anyone trying to lose weight, or simply stay consistent with their healthy eating. I mean there are temptations everywhere!!

Zuzana and I had a great podcast last Christmas to help get you through the holidays you can listen to it here: Download the Episode Here! (15min – 57sec)

Okay… I am getting a little off track… I thought since it is a significant day this should be a reminder that you shouldn’t have to wait for tomorrow in any aspect of your life. Why not today? Whether it be taking that salsa class you always wanted to, backpacking Europe, telling that special someone you love them, or simply starting to eat healthy and exercise!

Now you see I don’t say “starting that diet”? Well I believe that diet sounds like a time period, program, short term goal… whereas it should ideally be a “lifestyle”!.  So many people make excuses of “I will start tomorrow”, “I will make this weekend my last junk food weekend and start Monday”, “I have a birthday party this weekend, so I will start fresh next week”…. You get the picture?

Seriously start now! Why put it off any longer? You don’t need to overhaul your entire life. Just start implementing small changes…wake up earlier and go for a walk, take a lunch with you to work, start your dinner with a big salad.

Seriously, I’m not saying that it’s easy, but at the very least, you can begin immediately! Saying “I’ll start tomorrow” shows that you don’t have the motivation or right attitude. Your nutrition and fitness needs to become a lifestyle, not something you put off because it doesn’t happen to be convenient for you. You need to come up with ways to make your diet and fitness convenient and eventually it will become automatic.

Be proud of yourself for making a change, don’t feel different or isolated because you may be the only one ordering the salad and not the fries and hamburger. Stand behind what you believe in and what you want and you will get the results, and remember most of the “comments” or “looks” are usually just jealously – become an inspiration for others.

Happy Holiday Season!

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