A simple tip to connect with the present moment

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As we rip through society our senses are exposed to so much we become unaware of half of it.

Recently while home visiting my 15month old nephew, Hunter. He continuously reminds me of the importance of being present.

I’ll try to explain to you the best way I can on how I truly remain present in certain moments. And by doing so how I can recreate that exact moment later in my mind.

Paint this picture with me… I am sitting in my sisters living room, holding my sweet nephew as he drinks his bottle before nap time. The wiggles are singing in the background, cars are passing outside. There are so many things happening in this precise moment. From sounds to sights to hearing – it can seem chaotic if you tune into all of them. This is where we lose ourselves and are not fully present.

Here’s my “trick” – imagine your life as it were a tuner and you can adjust the volume of everything around you. For me as I was sitting there and there was all of these things happening around me I slowly started to turn off the things I didn’t want to hear and tune in to the things I did.

I became so present that the wiggles disappeared and I could only hear Hunter making his sweet noises as he swallowed his bottle, I could only feel his hand slowly caressing my finger as he calmed himself. The soft inhale of his live clean lotion and natural baby scent – for that moment I was fully connected to him. Connected to what was happening rather than the distractions that often detour us from that path.

Precious Moments

Now that I was able to be fully present in that moment as I presently sit here in Vancouver miles away from him. I can return to that moment and be connected with him once again – in a different way.

Try this… Next time you are out for a walk choose one sound and tune fully into it. Say you hear cars passing, birds chirping, people talking – choose one and simply tune down the others. Try to only notice those birds chirping and how many different varieties there are. Continue to play with this with other things like scents and sights. Start to only notice raindrops on pedals of flowers or the scent of recently cut grass. Begin to see things in nature – in life – individually. Truly acknowledge them as their own entity playing their role in this universe.

With Love & Gratitude,

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