How to Sit Smarter – Healthy Alternatives to Your Office Chair

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I believe that most of us know quite well, that sitting for a long period of time is not ideal.

Our parents had a valid reason when they encouraged us to go play outside instead of sitting in front of the TV.

See, in order for the body to keep functioning optimally, it needs movement. Similar to a car. If you allow it to sit in one place, don’t take it for a spin here and there, sooner or later it will start to deteriorate. Your body is very much the same.  It consists of more than 200 bones and over 600 skeletal muscles that allow us to move and perform various tasks. All these muscles and bones will start to crumble if they don’t get the right form of movement on a regular basis. And when that happens, the body would no longer stay clean, leading to health complications.

That old saying “move it or lose it” is a perfect way to put it.

Now imagine what happens when you park yourself in front of your desk for nearly eight hour per day for weeks, months, and years on end? Let’s have a look…

Here is what happens to your body when you sit for too long:

  • Slower metabolism and Weight Gain
  • Chronic Pain (Back, Neck , Shoulder, Hips, Knees)
  • Risk of heart disease increase by up to 64%!
  • Diabetes Risk goes up by up to 112%
  • Weak Muscles (Legs, Glutes, Core)
  • Tight Hips and a Stiff Back
  • Promotes varicose veins and causes swollen legs and ankles
  • Okay, enough with the scary facts. Let’s explore some solutions instead!

Introducing A Dynamic Work Space:

I was first introduced to the concept of dynamic work space while writing our first book.  Pretty much overnight I went from being active and on my feet for a good 8-10 hours each day to sitting in front of my laptop, doing research and writing. It didn’t take long for my body to start showing signs of displease. Even though I still made sure to include daily exercise and movement I started experiencing some of the above mentioned risks that go hand in hand with prolonged sitting (sore back, pain in my neck, headaches, indigestion and bloating).

My body wasn’t pleased with my new lifestyle shift and I knew I had to address that. Even though I knew that sitting wasn’t good for me, I really had no concept of what I should do instead. Stand? Lay down? Take more breaks? So I started to look for help. Unfortunately most of the advice I came across was either just plain garbage or didn’t help the situation all that much. Then one day I discussed my dilemma with a friend who just happened to be in a similar predicament. He suggested to read a book called “Move You DNA” by Katy Bowman. So I did, and what I’ve learned (and continue to learn) from Katy changed my life and the way I live and take care of my body today. Her insights and applicable advice allowed me to realize some of the problems that have been hiding in plain sight, and provided me the tools to break my unhealthy habits one at a time.

In this video we are sharing with you the basics of creating your own healthy workstation. Making these small adjustments today may have the potential to improve the quality of life for decades to come. So let’s get to it.

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  1. Hi Stefanie,
    I like to use my meditation cushion to sit on. I rotate between few different ones (lights, firmness) to get some variety in. Here is an example of one of them

    Be well 😉


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