How to prepare for self-isolation [valuable information]

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How to prepare your fridge for self-isolation

Unpredictable, confusing and very messy times are upon us …

…and we hope and pray that you and your family are staying safe and—above all else—healthy during this both rare and unique time on our little planet. 

We are doing OK. We have taken all the necessary precautions and prepared ourselves to stay at home for a while. Please do your very best to do the same. Self-isolate. This will not only give you and those you live with the greatest shot at staying healthy—but it will also protect your neighbour, fellow citizens and those working on the front line.

We are in this together. And each of us must do our part. 

We also suggest:

  • prepare yourself (and your family) to stay in seclusion for a while. Make a list of essential things and supplies and obtain them as quickly as possible. Nutrient-dense foods, superfoods, herbal and natural remedies, household supplies, masks (homemade if you can), gloves, …
  • don’t panic, stay calm, think clearly – but act quickly!
  • remember it’s ok to not feel ok. We are humans and fear and anxiety in messy times are absolutely normal. Honour the emotions and they will pass through you. 
  • stay focused on your health and make a decision to become the best version of yourself. Drop any and all excuses- there is no better time to get healthy and stay healthy then NOW!
  • educate yourself. For example, this is a powerful time to read wise books and upgrade your professional and personal talents via online learning.
  • allow yourself to slow down. Use this time to reflect on your personal wellbeing, readjust your lifestyle, create a healthy routine, have real conversations with your loved ones, let go of unnecessary distractions, reconnect with what matters most, do things that bring you joy, listen to high vibe music, practice yoga, make art…
  • use news as a tool VS drug. Find out the latest facts on this very fluid situation and pivot as necessary.

Trust that …


…our world needed a wake-up call.

  • there was too much greed, selfishness and busyness. We became human “doings” instead of human “beings”.
  • we forgot how to treat one another and the importance of human connection, instead we became addicted to technology.
  • there was too much disrespect for Mother Nature. We took for granted all the gifts this beautiful planet selflessly brings us every single day.

A Couple of days ago we recorded a very passionate and intense live webinar for our online coaching group and we wanted to offer the information to you as well. So you, your family, your loved ones and your community stay strong, brave and healthy during this time of uncertainty.

Above all, remember that without your health, you have nothing. There is no amount of money or no length of time that is more valuable than your health. 

We hope all this helps. Stay healthy and safe, please. We are in this together. And each of us must do our part.

With love and light, 

💚Zuzana & Nikki 

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