Consistency – The Missing Key to Success

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Improvements and results happen when you do things often.

Stopping and starting all the time will kill all momentum needed to succeed on your quest to six pack abs.

You can have the perfect exercise routine, the best personal trainer or the latest and hottest piece of equipment …BUT… unless you are consistent – none of the above is going to help you achieve your goals.

Makes sense right?

Personally,I think that one of the most important elements for success is to stay motivated. How can you stick with anything unless you have some type of motivation to follow through?

It’s easy to come up with an excuse for skipping a workout. Too tired, feeling weak, not enough sleep, bad day at work……….

I get it. I have those days too!  However these are the days when your effort and motivation counts the most!

And if you want that sexy toned body you got to push through.

OK! So now let me share with you some tricks I personally find helpful to keep me in the game.

1. Have a plan

Schedule your workouts ahead of time. Better yet, write it down in your calendar. Determine the time and the length of your session. I find it easier to get into a routine by exercising at the same time every day. Before you know it -it will become a habit.

2. Get out early

Personally I prefer doing my workouts in the evening. However research shows that people who exercise first thing in the morning are most consistent. Nothing except your alarm clock gets in the way. As the day goes by we can slowly convince ourselves to join a fitness center. Plus there are benefits to getting your heart rate up in the morning; increased metabolism and just overall better performance and energy levels throughout the day.

3. Get a Buddy

Find someone to keep you accountable. This can be a workout buddy or a personal trainer.  Consider joining a class – martial arts, kickboxing, bootcamp – whatever you think will challenge you. Either way, pair up with someone who is inspiring and reliable.

4. Set Goals

Set goals and keep track of your progress. Mindlessly going to the gym with no real goal is boring! Your goal might be physical like losing 10 pounds, fitting into your tight jeans or making your  guns bigger 🙂  It could also be a performance goal such as increasing the reps on your pull ups , exercise 5x this week, or improving the time on your 1mile run. No matter what your goal is seeing progress will keep you motivated and consistent!

So there you have it!

Those are my secrets to consistency. I truly believe that consistency is the key to making exercise a life-long habit.

NOW it’s time to put it into practice! …and if you have some tricks up your own sleeve on how to stay motivated please share them with me by posting them in the comments section below! We would LOVE to hear them.

Stay Fit 😉


3 responses to “Consistency – The Missing Key to Success”

  1. A tip which seriously motivated me was photos…
    I took a few photos of me before I started working out and getting healthier then a few months down the line I took some more and compared the difference. I was shocked at how how well I had improved! I didn’t notice it other the months as the change was gradual but looking at the photos you can see the difference!
    Now my main motivation is my own gains and imagining how much better I can get further down the line.
    I take a photo about every 4-6 months

  2. I think the tips you provided really do help you stay on track. I also find, educating myself on health/fitness keeps me motivated (whether it be a website, book or magazine). All of them provide “new” ideas to motivate me (with diet or exercise) and great pictures to inspire me and help set new goals.
    Also my dog is great motivation, she is always up for a walk. =)

    • Thanks Nik, these are all great points! I agree, education is a great motivator! Knowing and understanding your body is essential for anybody who wants to sustain a healthier lifestyle.

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