Choosing the Right Shoes + Foot Health – with Coach K

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The human foot is a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.
– Leonardo da Vinci

Have you ever noticed just how amazing your feet are? Seriously, just take a look!

Your feet are perfectly structured, made up of 26 bones for a total of 33 joints that allow you to move and adapt to an almost infinite number of positions and shapes.

It’s not too far off to think of our feet as the foundation. After all, they are what support us throughout our life, from beginning to end. And if you know even a little bit about construction, than you know that the foundation will always determine how successful the entire structure will be. 

A good solid foundation will provide strength and endurance while a poor or weak foundation could cause the entire structure or entity to crumble under only the slightest stress. If it doesn’t crumble all together, the structure will become weakened and out off balance.

Now apply this same concept to your own body. Consider your feet as the foundation. How strong of a foundation do they provide? Are they able to carry and support the load of the rest of your body? And if not, what do you think this lack of support is going to do to do to the rest of your body?

Is it a possible that it could cause an imbalance, effect other joints or even create pain?

Today we invited Coach K from Restore Human to teach us about some foot health basics, specifically how to choose appropriate shoes for walking and share with us some tips and exercises that will help keep our feet healthy and pain free.


Coach K – Restore Human 

Joy-a-Toes – Toe separators

Yoga Tune Up therapy massage ball

Minimalis Shoes:

Vivo Barefoot 

Lems Shoes 

 Xero Shoes

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