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As we mentioned in our 12 Habits To Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep & Thrive post, listening to music before bed can create a “zen” environment. For some it might be challenging to turn down the chatter, shut the mind off and drift into sweet dreams – having some relaxing music playing in the background could be quite helpful.

Insight Timer sessions are an amazing tool for this, but sometimes its nice to turn on a chilled playlist (even one you created) to send you off to sleep.

It’s all about letting go of the day and connecting. Music has the power to do that. It helps all your worries of the day start to wash away and eases you into the present moment and eventually drifts you off to sleep. Bedtime playlist to help you fall asleep are unique to every individual but there are genres of music more suitable to relaxation.

Take time and create a playlist that will relieve worries and stress from your day – and have you doze off in no time.

If you need some help to get started, here is a playlist you can try:

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