#40: How To Raise Healthy Vegan Children- Interview with Dreena Burton

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In this episode of AV podcast we were fortunate to sit down with an author, blogger and mom of three beautiful girls,Dreena Burton. The topic?

Plant Based Eating for Children


Dreena shares advice on
  • pleasing picky eaters
  • structuring your child’s diet
  • supplements
  • dealing with challenging social situations (birthday parties, family members)
  • incorporating and implementing a healthy plant based diet for your whole family

Every parent knows the challenge of trying to get children to eat healthily, but with a vegan lifestyle it is quite easy. You are going to learn strategies you need to know in order to ensure that your children get all the nutrients they need and stay healthy.

I sincerely hope you find this interview helpful

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Plant-Powered Families: Over 100 Kid-Tested, Whole-Foods Vegan Recipes

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

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