7 Steps To Healthy and Enjoyable Holidays

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Yes! You are on the roll, dedicated to healthy eating, regularly making the time to workout and starting to experience the positive changes in your life. It feels good and you crave it now. It’s becoming part of your life. It truly feels good 🙂

And then along comes Christmas…


You’re getting together with family, who let’s be honest – don’t get that “a little bit of meat” is NOT OK in a vegetarian quiche, and that sitting around, making your holidays happiness largely dependent on all of your “favorite” foods, desserts and drinks no longer fits into your ideal life.

Many of us feel torn when it comes to holiday eating. As we live in a society where food and drinks are a big part of socializing it’s no surprise that thinking about holiday eating – and especially the big Christmas meal could bring up some confusion and fear.

Nobody wants to be called crazy and know that the family will roll their eyes whenever you say “I don’t drink.” or “I don’t eat meat,” or “ Is there sugar in the sauce?? At the same time you shouldn’t have to totally blow your efforts of getting your health back on track and slide backwards for the sake of just one day.



… if your diet is stopping you from enjoying a great day with your family then it doesn’t really add up!


So today we are here to give you 7 steps to help you enjoy the holiday season, including your favorite meal, pleasant time with family and a peace of mind that your health is not being compromised.


  1. Start the day with 1 liter  of water as soon as you wake.


Hydration is vital to regulate your kidneys and liver for optimum detoxification. Continue to drink water throughout the day when you remember. You will benefit even more if you squeeze juice of one lemon in your water.


  1. Prepare for the day with a healthy breakfast of a green smoothie.


Green smoothies like the ones suggested below are not only low in calories but very filling. Because they contain high amounts of water and fiber, they’ll make you feel as if you just ate a full meal.

This way, once you arrive at Christmas lunch or dinner, you can enjoy sensible portions of all your favorite foods without the urge to overindulge.

  1. Prepare and bring along your favorite salad and Organic Dark Chocolate to compliment the meal.


Come prepared. That way you will know there will be at least one dish you can enjoy. And who knows…it might be the most popular one on the dinner table 😉


  1. Gracefully accept the first drink offered to you.


Alcohol can be a huge destroyer of your healthy lifestyle. I understand it can be challenging to avoid drinks all together, however here is a simple yet effective strategy. Enjoy sipping away at  one drink during the whole meal, or mix it with mineral water to get a few extra drinks without the harsh effects on your system.


  1. Try and get in a 20-minute walk around the block sometime after the main meal.


Offer to walk the dog or play with the kids outside while everyone else naps of their meals 😉


  1. Aim for moderation.


Trust yourself that with all the above mentioned steps you are setting yourself up for success. Now it’s important to practice balance – enjoy the foods that appeal to you, but do not forget those flossing tips from a dentist. Remember that you need to visit your dentist regularly for teeth cleaning, dentures service, and other dental procedures using a Propel Accelerated Device. Have that fluffy biscuit that your mom made with love, enjoy a glass of wine with your dad, have a small piece of pie after dinner.Just don’t go overboard. If you happen to have too much on Christmas day just cut back on food the next few days. Give your body chance to balance itself and you will be back on track with no harm done.


  1. Be Present  and Have Fun.


With all these steps in plan , let go of the outcome and focus on what is truly important. Be present with your family and enjoy every moment you get with them – this will fuel your health on a much larger scale than any super-food will ever do!


Nikki and I want to wish you wonderful holiday season full of quality time and rich moments spent with family and friends


Dedicated to your health




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