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Lesson #7


Welcome, to this last lesson of our 21 Day Whole Food Plant-Based Challenge. We are so proud of you for making it here and hope that while reading these words, you are feeling healthy, good about yourself and happy with how far you have come so far. 

Today’s lesson is about self-love and kindness. Being kind in everyday life is in our experience one of the best things you can do for yourself and the world enlarge. Even research shows that a healthy dose of self-love and kindness actually helps us form habits that support weight loss and good health. On the other hand, those who channel their inner drill sergeant to eat their vegetables and get to the gym, have much less chance of reaching and maintaining their health & fitness goals. 

“Kindness is not just about how you treat others; it’s rooted in how you treat yourself.” — Londro Rinzler

Many of us tend to think that we have to be perfect in order to deserve kindness and receive love. That is, in order to be kind to ourselves, we must meet certain conditions. We must not make mistakes. We must only eat healthy foods, and exercise five times a week. No exceptions. We must check off everything on our to-do list. We must be a great partner, parent, daughter or son, friend, brothers or sister. We cannot fail. Under any circumstances. And if we don’t meet these conditions, then in our eyes we are not good enough.

Dear friend, please understand one thing …

We are all human and there is no such thing as a failure. And YOU are enough. Perfection is often just an illusion based on your own perception. In other words, Stop wasting unnecessary energy on self-criticism. It’s time for you to start to recognize your own greatness!


“I screwed up”

”I’m so fat.”

”I can’t believe I just did that.”

Sound familiar? Underneath virtually all of our suffering lies a lack of self-compassion and self-care. You really have to love yourself to get the life you dream of. Here are 5 steps that will teach you about self-love and how to be kind to yourself.
Read them, apply them and open yourself to LOVE & LIFE. 

Step #1
Take Responsibility

If you fall off the wagon, take responsibility. Blaming others will only keep you from going forward. So, if you’ve tripped along the way, that’s okay. Let it go. Let it roll off your shoulders, pick yourself up, acknowledge that something didn’t go quite as planned, and move on to Step 2…

Step #2
Lift Yourself Up

When you fail to follow through on something, make a mistake, or do something wrong, you have two choices. You can tear yourself down, or you can lift yourself up. Those who are ready to make a real change will choose the latter. Start by telling yourself that “it’s going to be OK”. Give yourself a little pep talk while reminding yourself of your past successes. 

Step #3
Give Yourself Positive Reinforcement

Surround yourself with sticky notes of inspiration, quotes, and things that keep you motivated and remind you of your journey and positivity. Read success stories, make friends with like-minded people, become part of a supportive community. When you constantly take in positive energy from your surroundings, it will soon be visible to your outer world.

Step #4
Take Action

Take one small step forward every day that will get you closer to your goal(s) and avoid as much of the stuff that holds you back from living the life you want. If your day feels difficult and motivation is low we encourage you to dig deep and make the right choice by taking one small step towards reaching your goals. This is a powerful way to invite new hope and inspiration into your everyday life. Start your day with a green smoothie, stretch your body, make a healthy lunch, go for a nice long walk. Have a clear vision of your future, and take action every day to move towards it. You deserve it.

Step #5
Invest In Yourself

Soak up knowledge. Spend 15-30 minutes in the morning or evening with reading, listening to or watching material that uplifts you, that helps you to understand yourself and the world or that helps you to live a better life. Then remember to take one small action on what you have learned.

Step #6
Stop Expecting Perfection

The key to our success is progress, not perfection. It’s really unhealthy and debilitating to set expectations for ourselves to be perfect and then beat ourselves up (mercilessly!) for falling short. Instead, learn to be patient with yourself the way we would be with a child or our best friend. Your life isn’t and won’t be perfect. It will actually be quite messy. And that is okay. Embrace who are you. Enjoy where you are. Start celebrating progress. We promise you’ll find more happiness if you do.

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Dedicated to your health & wellbeing,

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