Nutella – Love At First Taste

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As most kids in north America grow up eating peanut-butter sandwiches in Europe we have a similar tradition. However its much more tastier than peanut-butter (my biased opinion) Its called Nutella. This creamy hazelnut chocolate spread is absolutely heavenly! When I first introduced Joe to this jar of rich velvet awesomeness it was a love at first taste. But… …then I read the ingredients list…sighh The fist item (which is always the…

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Delicious “no guilt” Brownies

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Everybody likes brownies right? What if I told you that I have a recipe for delicious brownies and you don’t even have to feel guilty about indulging? Actually you can give yourself a pat on the back for having this treat! That’s because these Healthy Brownies have a hidden vegetable inside. Yes it’s true. This recipe calls for…

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