How To Build The Perfect Buddha Bowl

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Okay, we are officially 2 months into the new year! Crazy right?! 

I hope that your 2017  “New Years Resolutions” or what I like to call them – “Intentions” are still going strong. And if you happened to fall off track don’t give up!  Remember, everyday is a new beginning and an opportunity to get closer to your goal. So pick yourself up, dust off, start over again. 

One of my personal intentions for this year is “nourishing my body with wholesome foods”. If there is one thing I have learned so far on my journey is that Buddha Bowls are where it’s at! So today I invite you (if you haven’t already) to jump on board with Buddha Bowls! Apparently it is the trend of 2017!

Zuzana & I have been eating these for years, way before they got their rep and trendy little name “Buddha Bowl” (aka as “Hippie Bowl”, “Nourish Bowl”… and so many others). Essentially they are all defined the same:

A colourful, filling dish overflowing a large bowl – composed of grains, veggies (raw, sautéed and/or roasted), protein (legumes, tofu), greens, sprouts and seeds — and finished off with a hearty dressing.

We really love them mostly because they are nourishing,super quick, satisfying, easy and well there is no real right or wrong way to make one! Plus, you get to be super creative 😛

You should really give them try 😉 

TIP: Prep your ingredients over the weekend and use them for a variety of different bowls for lunch and dinners throughout the week!!
To make building a Buddha Bowl super easy for you, we created this printable Infographic to stick to your fridge and use as a road map:


Guaranteed the end result will be every bit as Instagram-worthy—and delish. So join us on Instagram and #mybuddhabowl with your amazing creations.
pssst… there’s also a quick link to our Instagram feed to the right of this post —->
Some other delicious bowls from around the web to inspire you:
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