#72: How To Stop Overeating and Binge Eating and Stick to the Food Plan of Your Choice with Glenn Livingston Ph.D.

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Glenn Livingston from NeverBingeAgain.com is on the show today, and he will share with us secrets for gaining the power to permanently overcome unhealthy food behaviours. Both his professional and personal journey is quite interesting and also inspiring. As a trained psychologist Dr Livingston was disillusioned by the way traditional psychology deals with overweight and/or food obsessed individuals. He spent several decades researching the nature of bingeing and overeating with his own patients, and a self-funded research program with more than 40,000 participants. In his personal life, he was able to break away from his own food prison and arrive at a state of normal, healthy body weight and establish a peaceful relationship with food once and for all. He’s the author of Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person

This episode is for anyone who ever feels powerless or out of control around food.

Especially if you:

  • Regularly binge on food
  • Eat when feeling emotional or stressed (emotional overeating)
  • Constantly hop on and off diets
  • Ever feel guilty or ashamed at what you’ve eaten
  • Have been diagnosed with BED (binge eating disorder) or bulimia
  • Are holding on to excess weight
  • Regularly fast or work out to compensate for bouts of overeating.

You’ll discover…

  • What does it take to free yourself from the food prison 
  • Ways to identify the trigger foods and feelings that spur you to binge or overeat
  • How to quickly recover from mistakes without self-judgment or unnecessary guilt
  • Practical strategies that you can use today to effectively deal with food cravings and heal your relationship with food so you can enjoy a satisfying, delicious, and healthy diet for the rest of your life!

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Check out Dr.Livingston’s book:

 Never Binge Again: Reprogram Yourself to Think Like a Permanently Thin Person.

Healful Tools Discussed in today’s podcast:

One Minute Guided Meditation

Breath Awareness Meditation

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