#47: Adrenal Burnout: My Road To Recovery

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Before we get into today’s topic please read this important disclaimer:

Just like any post or podcast on this blog, Nikki and I share only our personal experiences. None of the material here is meant to give you diagnosis or treatment. This is purely our way of sharing what has helped us and perhaps some of our clients, friends and family members over the years. If you suspect any personal health concerns I suggest you seek an appropriate health practitioner for professional advice. 

Okey now that the legal mumbo jumbo is out lets begin…

On todays podcast I opened up and shared my personal struggle with health issues. A journey that I believe started several years ago, although at that time I didn’t admit or even noticed that something was wrong. You see adrenal burnout doesn’t happen over night. Yes it’s possible to detect signs of adrenal fatigue, but for that you have to be in tune with your body. And how many of us can honestly say that we are?  

I am a challenge junkie. Doesn’t matter if it’s a physical challenge like running a half marathon for the first time or a more mental perseverance test like starting a new business. I want to do it all and I don’t stop until the mission is accomplished! Something about the possibility to grow and explore the unknown gets me high. But this kinda attitude can get you in serious trouble, if you are not careful.

After 8 years of working 10-15 hour days, teaching countless amounts of fitness classes, and overcoming a pretty emotional divorce. All while still keeping up with my own high energy workouts basically led to a crash of my system. My body had enough. I just did’t have any more to give. There were signs along the way like:

  • Feeling tired and having  hard time getting out of bed
  • Weight gain around the abdomen (despite all the exercise) 
  • Moodiness and irritability (small things would case me to explode) 
  • Craving sugar 
  • Hair Loss (scary!)
  • Skin Condition (adult acne and eczema )

Yet I could still live with them and carry on. Until several months ago. I finally woke up and realized that things have to change. I felt like crap. Honestly I didn’t even recognize the face in the mirror. Dark circles around my eyes , my skin looking so dull and all the sadness starring back at me. I thought to myself that I don’t remember when was the last time I laughed. Truly laughed, from the heart. 

That’s the day my road to recovery started. I came to understand that because of ignoring all the previous signs, now not only that I have to attend to my adrenals but also heal my digestive system, my thyroid, and my poorly functioning liver. 

It has been quite a process but I decided to take it on as another challenge. And what a challenge this has proven to be. I read articles, watched countless amounts of videos, talked to people who have experienced same or similar issues and most importantly I experimented on myself. I learned that there is a lot of misleading and often contradicting information on adrenal fatigue condition. Despite the fact that close to 80% north americans suffer with some level adrenal dysfunction it remains often misdiagnosed or untreated. 

Today after about 5 months of loving, self care I am ready to talk about it. This podcast really helped me recognize all the changes that I have implemented into my daily life which allowed the healing to take place. 

Listen to the episode HERE: 

If you are one of the 80% of people who feel excessively tired, fearful, suffer with allergies, frequent influenza, arthritis, anxiety, depression, reduced memory, difficulties in concentrating, insomnia, feeling worn-out, and the inability to lose weight after extensive efforts please do something about it. Here are few strategies that I am finding extremely helpful :

Eat clean diet 

Based on whole unprocessed food with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables organic and local whenever possible. Healthy fats are very important and healing. Your hormones will thank you for including soaked nuts, seeds, avocados, olives (and olive oil), and coconut (meat, milk, water and oil). 

Ditch the caffeine and sugar 

If you must drink coffee or a caffeinated beverage, then have a limited amount in the morning before noon. As for sugar it has no place in a healthy diet. Instead seek the benefits of raw honey or stevia as an alternative.

Reduce your stress

The last and most important key to restore your adrenal function is to attend to your mind and stress needs. Pay attention to your body! Are you feeling tired? Then take a nap. Feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Do one minute of abdominal breathing. Have a stressful job? Consider finding a new work environment.

Yes I am serious. Your body is the only place you have to live and experience all the joys on earth. So take a good care of it! Treat it well. Listen to it and it will reward you with happy healthy journey. 

Things I personally find helpful include:

  • regular yoga practice
  • daily morning meditation (even 1-2min makes a huge difference to my day) 
  • be in bed before 10pm 
  • have fresh flowers in the house
  • everyday spend at least 15 min outdoors and soak up the sun (Vitamin D is a “happy” vitamin) 
  • regularly get away from the buzz of the city (hike in the mountains,camping) 
  • listing to relaxing music 
  • surrounding myself with happy, positive people
  • giving and receiving love
  • smile often and laugh lots

And one more thing…

Patience, please 

Adrenal fatigue doesn’t happen over night. Often it’s years in making before we take action towards recovery . It’s unrealistic to expect the body to bounce back right away. Give it a time, stay consistent with your self care plan, you can expect your adrenal fatigue to heal in:

  • 6 to 9 months for minor adrenal fatigue
  • 12 to 18 months for moderate fatigue
  • Up to 24 months for severe adrenal fatigue

With love 

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