Green Chocolate Cookies

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Green?  I called these cookies “green chocolate” because the main part of the cookie is made from avocado. Most people shy away from avocados, associating them with “fat”.  However you need to understand that it is a “good” fat!  The fat in avocados actually helps your body better absorb the nutrients in the other foods…

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“Impression” Cookies

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Adapted from Whole Foods Market What better way to leave a good “impression” with friends and family than sharing some vegan thumbprint cookies?  The cookie part of these are not overly sweet; the idea when eating them is to get a little  jam filling with each bite, which makes them taste sweeter 🙂 1 cup…

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Sweet Poison

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The Silent Killer, Sugar! Are you bloated, lazy, moody, depressed, overweight, obese? How much sugar do you consume? I honestly believe that Sugar is not fit for human consumption. Literally every single organ in the body is negatively affected by sugar. Get this, It’s been said that one teaspoon of sugar lowers your immune systems response…

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