Gut Healing Salted Caramel Smoothie

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The process of digestion and absorption is one of the most important to our health. It’s an idea that dates back more than 2,000 years, when renowned Greek physician Hippocrates said that ‘all disease begins in the gut’. We believe that this statement is truer today than ever! Did you know that more people take pharmaceutical…

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Carrot Juice Pulp Cake Rolls

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Don’t throw away carrot juice pulp, there is still hope for it! Plus, you would be loosing on the there fiber and other goodness in there!!! Add some pumpkin seeds, coconut, dry fruit, spices and make some tasty Carrot Cake Rolls!! In our kitchen we strive to have zero waste. Even when it comes to…

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Best Plant Based Recipes – Beginner’s Guide

We curated 40 delicious, healthy plant based recipes for you.

This best plant based recipe round up was inspired by one of Michael Pollan’s food rules : “Don’t eat anything with more than five ingredients, or ingredients you can’t pronounce.”  Real food doesn’t have a long ingredient list, isn’t advertised on TV, and doesn’t contain stuff like maltodextrin or sodium tripolyphosphate. Real food is things that…

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Crunchy Protein Bliss Balls

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The kitchen is my happy place! It’s calming and I absolutely loose sense of time. I love getting lost in creating recipes, that are not only pleasing to the senses but also healing and full of nutrients.  Last weekend I made these Bliss Balls!   Want More Raw Dessert Recipes? RAW PUMPKIN PIE BITES RAW VEGAN THREE…

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