#85 Blake Ward: The Healthiest Clothes on the Planet

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Blake Ward from Seed - podcast episode on sustainable fashion

Zuz and I recently had the pleasure of connecting with Blake Ward – the founder of seed. Seed is known for it’s incredibly unique and versatile pant. Transforming the industry – by making the best clothing on the planet locally, naturally and ethically right next door to us in Alberta, Canada.  You will not only…

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Post Workout Nutrition: Wild Rice & Hummus Collard Wraps

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Become a conscious consumer. Know what’s in your food and what it will do for you. Through our recipes and messages, we always encourage you to fuel your body with fresh and organic foods and avoid the highly processed stuff. Using substances such as the best organic and gluten free powder to improve one’s health has…

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#41: Surprising Daily Habits That Are Harming Your Health

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We are constantly under an influence of media promoting products that are promising tons of benefits, convenience and the ability to save us time. However very little attention is paid to health and safety of them.  Before we know it some of the advice will even become deeply ingrained habits we think are doing us…

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