Hulk Smoothie Bowl

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Not sure if you have noticed, but smoothie bowls have flooded Instagram! Every other day I come across someone’s photo with their variation of this trendy colourful bowl packed with so-called superfood. So is worth the hype? First, let’s put things in perspective. Eating a smoothie bowl is far better for you than eating something bought in a…

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Our Favourite Buddha Bowls Around The Web

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It may seem like we are talking about Buddha Bowls a lot lately, and well we kinda are. That’s because they are the perfect meal for plant based eaters!  Seriously though, they have greens, protein, healthy carbs and fat – a complete macro meal. These are especially great for anyone just starting to eat plant…

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Skinny Sweet Potato Vegan Quiche

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This Quiche is one of my favorite go-to breakfast/dinners when it is time to mix things up at the house! It is just over-the-top delicious, easy to make, tasty and healthy.  Instead of using normal pastry for a crust, I used sweet potatoes which tastes divine, is way healthier and makes this dish gluten-free if you…

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Today I want to share with you one of my favorite Indian healthy meals – Palak paneer (spinach gravy with Indian cottage cheese). Traditional Palak paneer is made soft cheese that is not aged, called paneer. To make this recipe fully vegan friendly we will be using tofu instead of paneer. I encourage you to…

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Holiday Detox aka Green Monster Soup

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You might be thinking that there’s no way a bright green bowl puréed veggies can be filling and comforting enough for chilly weather, but this Winter detox soup will prove you wrong. Clocking in well under 100 calories per serving, this warming, hefty soup is packed with flavour and detoxifying stars like vitamin A, vitamin…

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