45 Quick Vegan Back to School Recipes Your Kids Will Love

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Everything from healthy breakfasts, make ahead lunches, school snacks, slow cooker dinners, and after school treats. We’ve asked fellow talented food bloggers to help us create the best collection of Plant Based back to school Recipes. We have carefully selected these following options to help you and your family get prepared for that busy time of…

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You are what you eat, so why pollute your body with artificial ingredients and nutrient-depleted foods? Let’s face it, it could be challenging to find a healthy on the go snack that is made purely from natural ingredients and will nourish you (and your family). Most of the snacks available in the stores are filled with…

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Strawberry Maca Shake

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We made this vegan”mylkshake” a couple of weeks ago and absolutely LOVED IT! It’s loaded with Vitamin C, which helps to tone the skin and has an anti-ageing effect. On top of that, the flavor is amazingly rich, it’s smooth and sweet, making it an absolute treat that comes along with a whole lot of nutrition. It…

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Avocado Goji Pudding

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The pairing of goji berries with avocado is a game changer as far as having your sweet treat become a remarkable supplement. Both of these foods will help your body maintain healthy clear skin and protect you against cell damage. Even though avocados are a high-fat food, you shouldn’t fear the fat in this wonderful…

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Carrot Juice Pulp Cake Rolls

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Don’t throw away carrot juice pulp, there is still hope for it! Plus, you would be loosing on the there fiber and other goodness in there!!! Add some pumpkin seeds, coconut, dry fruit, spices and make some tasty Carrot Cake Rolls!! In our kitchen we strive to have zero waste. Even when it comes to…

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Apple Almond Butter Snack

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I have come up with yet another way to satisfy my almond butter cravings. This fun little snack can be quickly assembled by slicing a small apple and topping it with a thin layer of raw almond butter. I realize that apples and nut butter are nothing new, but somehow the addition of hemp hearts…

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Fresh Herb Walnut Pate, Raw, Vegan

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Making your own pate might sound complicated, but the truth is that this fancy recipe comes together very easily and the results are impressive! Next time you’re entertaining, or want to treat yourself to something extra special try this plant-based pate! Walnuts contain lecithin and choline helpful for nourishing the brain and its functions on…

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Stuffed Mushrooms Topped with Vegan Feta

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So simple and so versatile. Offer these light and tasty little bites to your guests as an appetizers or let them play a supporting role on top of your favorite salad. You can use either cremini or regular button mushrooms. Look for those that are firm and evenly colored, avoiding any that are broken, bruised have…

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Berry Ginger Smoothie Bowl

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This smoothie bowl is filling yet low in calories and chalk full of nutrients. Berries offer extraordinary amounts of antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and C. It’s also got a solid dose of greens (think iron, folic acid, and protein) from the kale and chlorella and prunes (lots of deep, dark, iron-rich goodies!) plus lemon for a vitamin…

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Super Simple Homemade Vegan Granola

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Today we are sharing a super simple recipe for homemade vegan granola bars. Love cereal but want to stay away processed food? Meet your new match. We made this raw granola couple of days ago and it was AMAZINGLY delicious! This recipe will certainly make a regular appearance in our kitchen. So here we go…

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Chocolate Mint Mylkshake

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This is a creamy, silky smooth, superfood packed smoothie. Loaded with minerals and antioxidants, cacao gives it a nice mild chocolate flavor and helps satisfy those chocolate cravings. You will get a natural sweetness from the banana and dates while the almond butter helps to thicken up the consistency and give it a healthy boost of vitamin E, as…

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Lemon Poppyseed Cake Balls

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If you like the traditional lemon poppyseed cake, we are pretty sure you’re going to LOVE these Lemon Poppyseed Cake Balls. To make these balls you’ll only need a few simple ingredients that you probably already have at home and about 15 minutes of your time. They are raw (so no baking required ;-), vegan, gluten-free,…

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Chocolate Chai Mylkshake

The inspiration was to create a creamy smoothie without the use of bananas. Personally I have nothing against bananas,I actually really enjoy them. However there are few reasons why some people might not want to use bananas in their smoothies. Some are allergic to them, some just don’t like the taste of them, and if…

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