5 Minute Challenge – Plank Party For Tight Abs!

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Hello friends, you’re invited to this exclusive, incredibly effective, and so damn fun (once you finish) – PLANK PARTY. The name of today’s 5-minute challenge pretty much gives it away, but just in case you are wondering, let me clarify. Today’s workout video focuses on creating strength through plank pose, and different variation of this…

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Want Flat Abs? Here is the Secret

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The big myth about getting a flat, jelly-free belly is that you have to do crunches and plank exercises day in and day out. It’s unbelievable how many different devices have been created just to target the mid section – ab rollers, ab glider, ab circle…..all claiming to “melt away the pounds”. The truth is …. no matter what…

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The Ab Attack Workout

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Hey Guys, Recently we have received a lot of requests to put together a workout routine that would target the midsection. From my experience working in the fitness field the six pack and love handles seems to be the most common concern for people when it comes to physical appearance. Unfortunately crunches alone are NOT…

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