5 Minute Challenge – Build a strong push-up

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Are you up for another fitness challenge? Today we will be completing a 5-Minute Push-up workout. And yes it will be very challenging. It involves several rounds of push-ups for time,  with short breaks in-between until the whole 5 minutes are finished.  For most of you friends out there, it will probably take some time to build…

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How to master the perfect push up

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  Hello friends,  Today we have for you a step-by-step tutorial to help you master one of the most basic bodyweight exercises – THE PUSH-UP.  Push-ups are one of the best exercises ever invented and we feel that pretty much everyone could benefit from including them in their regular fitness program. Here is why: They require…

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Benefits Of Bodyweight Training + Workout!

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streNG(k)TH – the quality or state of being strong, in particular.   Heart-Pumping and Strengthening: One of the most important benefits of bodyweight exercise is its ability to improve your cardiovascular endurance and muscle strength all at once. Frequently changing your position keeps the heart rate elevated, while body weight and gravity work together to strengthen muscles. One…

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