Best Juice for Cold and Flu

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Check out this recipe of the best juice for cold and flu, loaded with nutrinents your body needs to stimulate the immune system and recover quickly.

Today we are sharing this recipe of the best juice for cold and flu. It has the nutrients your body needs to stimulate the immune system, help you feel better, and recover quickly. Have a cold? A runny nose? A sore throat? Maybe even a touch of fever? No need to panic. Yes, in a…

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Carrot Juice Pulp Cake Rolls

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Don’t throw away carrot juice pulp, there is still hope for it! Plus, you would be loosing on the there fiber and other goodness in there!!! Add some pumpkin seeds, coconut, dry fruit, spices and make some tasty Carrot Cake Rolls!! In our kitchen we strive to have zero waste. Even when it comes to…

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Hazelnut Kiss Yogurt

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I’m so excited to share this recipe with all you beautiful people. I’ve been dying to try and experiment adding some favours and create a spin off version of our original Raw Almond Coconut Yogurt. See, the great thing about making your own vegan yogurt is that you can blend in whatever flavors you feel like…

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Pure Almond Mylk [Video]

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Hello Friends! Guess what? It’s time to start making your own almond mylk. Don’t worry, it’s not complicated or time consuming.  On the contrary, once you have the right tools (a good blender and nut milk bag/cheese cloth) you are set to go! Cow’s milk has significant levels of female hormones, and usually contains antibiotics,…

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Active Recovery Smoothie

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During any exercise (strength workout, yoga, walk, hike or run > 45 minutes) your muscles become damaged, drained of energy, and in need of repair. Your muscle fibers are broken down during your workout and are rebuilt with new, stronger protein and fibers. This is how your muscles grow stronger and more efficient. If you aren’t…

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Berry Ginger Smoothie Bowl

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This smoothie bowl is filling yet low in calories and chalk full of nutrients. Berries offer extraordinary amounts of antioxidants, such as Vitamin A and C. It’s also got a solid dose of greens (think iron, folic acid, and protein) from the kale and chlorella and prunes (lots of deep, dark, iron-rich goodies!) plus lemon for a vitamin…

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Vegan Thai Curry In a Hurry

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Home made Indian and Thai curries are delicious! However many people shy away from them. I used to believe that in order to cook a great tasting curry I will have to make a long list of exotic spices, visit a special grocery store, and slave in the kitchen for hours. Who has time for…

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Creamy Soothing Carrot Raisin Soup

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This soup is deliciously comforting and soothing. This is also the kind of soup that will provide your gut with just the right kind of nutrients to support and heal. The truth is that it’s very difficult to be healthy and have abundant energy without having a healthy gut. I think it’s nearly impossible. So let’s go make…

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Raw Vegan Pad Thai

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It’s no secret that plant foods are good for you. Study after study supports the benefits of fruits and vegetables in staying healthy and preventing chronic disease. And many people all around the world are taking these recommendations to heart, increasing their consumption of plant foods as part of their regular diet. For the past…

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Vegan Creamy Ricotta

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On top of socca pizza or tossed with zucchini noodles, this creamy non-dairy ricotta is a beautiful thing. Just saying. I never like to see the leftover pulp from making home made nut milk go to waste so I keep coming up with different ways to repurpose anything that gets left behind. In this particular recipe I…

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