Weekly AV Fitness Schedule – Week 12

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Workout: Strength #3 Duration: 30 min Equipment: Yoga mat/ Chair Notes: Remember to warm up first with Warm #2 Workout: Walk 40 Minutes  Duration: 40 minutes Equipment: No equipment Workout:  Yoga #5 *NEW* Duration: 37 minutes Equipment: Yoga Strap/ Yoga mat/ Block /Bolster/Blanket   Workout: interval training #3 – lean & strong Duration: 24 minutes Equipment: No equipment  Notes:  Remember to first  :…

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#67: How To Stay Motivated To Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals

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  We can either learn to embrace it or use all our energy and force to fight against it. Why? Why do we resist…change…resist control…resist acceptance? All of these things that can actually help propel us forward yet we often push back. When you start to realize that it takes just as much effort to…

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