Good Morning Smoothie

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This smoothie is powerful! Energizing and hydrating not to mention delicious. This will freshen your breath and clean out your GI tract, great for anyone who is constipated. It’s really nicely balanced and the perfect morning energy boost for the body & mind. You will notice a couple optional ingredients in this recipe: turmeric powder + peppercorns. Black…

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Active Recovery Smoothie

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During any exercise (strength workout, yoga, walk, hike or run > 45 minutes) your muscles become damaged, drained of energy, and in need of repair. Your muscle fibers are broken down during your workout and are rebuilt with new, stronger protein and fibers. This is how your muscles grow stronger and more efficient. If you aren’t…

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Dragon Fruit Breakfast Bowl

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Dragon fruit also known as pitaya, these fun-looking fruits contain around 60 calories each and are rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3, and minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. And that’s not all. This is definitely one of the best “super fruits” out there.   Print Prep Time 10 minutes Servings 2…

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