Quinoa Blueberry Breakfast Scone

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If you’ve been introducing more whole food plant-based meals into your diet, you may be wondering how to keep things interesting and healthy at the same time. A plant-powered breakfast is a great start to your day and if done right it can give you the energy you need to get your day going without weighing…

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Go-To Raw Coconut Yogurt (fermented)

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Confession alert! Coconut in any form is a household staple for Zuzana and me. With plant-based eating becoming more popular it’s great to see companies jumping on board and supporting it by making alternatives for peoples favourite “traditional” animal-based choices – like yogurt. In our opinion, coconut yogurt is the best non-dairy alternative, because it…

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Morning Routine for an Amazing Start to Your Day

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Routine! What a scary word for so many. Personally, I always thought of myself as more of a fly- by -the- seat -of -my -pants kind of girl, so having a morning routine was not something I was eager to introduce to my life. But reading books and studying those who are successful, healthy and living a…

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Vegan Plum Protein Parfait

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Plums you either love ’em or hate ’em… some interesting facts about plums you probably didn’t know: Great for relieving constipation and digestive problems. Plums are full of antioxidants that have been shown to slow the development of Alzheimer’s disease. (The University of Harvard Health Research). They also contain anthocyanin and quercetin, beneficial for preventing brain…

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APPLE GRANOLA WRAPS – When You’re Short on Time

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“I just don’t have the time to make those complicated meals.” Okay, I get it,  making a fresh, wholesome plant-based meal every breakfast, lunch and dinner sounds little overwhelming, especially if your life is already packed, you work long hours, you’ve got kids, fitting in regular workouts, etc. So today we are featuring a super quick and nutritious recipe…

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Skinny Sweet Potato Vegan Quiche

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This Quiche is one of my favorite go-to breakfast/dinners when it is time to mix things up at the house! It is just over-the-top delicious, easy to make, tasty and healthy.  Instead of using normal pastry for a crust, I used sweet potatoes which tastes divine, is way healthier and makes this dish gluten-free if you…

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Perfect Vegan Pancakes, GF

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Peanut butter, Chocolate, Banana Pancakes Our latest pancake  creation uses a classic combo of peanut butter, chocolate and banana.  These are gluten free, vegan pancakes with a lovely peanut butter taste and chunks of banana rather than it being mashed. Oh and if you make too many (can you though?  Can you ever make too many pancakes?), they…

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